Frédéric JAMME

Frédéric JAMME


Synchrotron-SOLEIL, Saclay

SOLEIL, Paris, is the unique French synchrotron source. SOLEIL provides very high spatial resolution, photon flux and sensitivity, which coupled with recently built state-of-the-art beamlines, facilitates a diverse range of experiments from material science to structural biology. Synchrotron radiation enables measurements across a wide variety of length and time scales whilst exploiting different probing energies (from hard X-ray to infrared) to provide chemical specificity. An upgrade of SOLEIL synchrotron will encourage the emergence of methods to study biological molecules at high spatial and temporal resolution as well as improving imaging capabilities of cells, tissues, and organs.

Frédéric Jamme (Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saclay) is a staff scientist of the synchrotron visible beamline DISCO dedicated to chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology. He is an expert in the application of different types of synchrotron radiation to study biological objects and materials, including multimodal approaches for label-free imaging of cell structures. Frederic Jamme is head of the Health&well-being scientific group. The combined expertise of the life sciences beamline teams at SOLEIL forms the Health&well-being scientific Group. Since the last 4 years, the group has been very active in adopting a multidisciplinary and integrated approach aware of recent evolutions/revolutions in the field of biology.

ORCID   0000-0002-7398-7868